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Running a retail business is easier with Qsale - Retail software solution, Businesses can streamline their operations, automate inventory, and gain valuable insights into their customers' preferences

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Retail Software

Point of Sale

Our cashier system is one of the best in Qatar, with cloud-based inventory control and a smooth aggregator platform, it is crafted for Grocery, Restaurants, Coffee shop, Mobile shop, Electrical & Electronic shops etc. Our team has designed the Retail to be intuitive and easy-to-use for anyone, while providing a full range of features and tools to gear your store for success.

Qsale Retail features
  • Wide selection of payment methods

  • Set discounts in simple click

  • Multilocation management

  • Inventory management

  • Open API for Third Party App Integration

Cloud Based Retail Point of Sale

Cloud-Based Retail Point of Sale (POS) is a modern technology solution designed to streamline and enhance the operations of retail businesses and e-commerce platforms, by leveraging cloud computing infrastructure.

Solution that grows with you

  • Scalability

  • Inventory Management

  • E-commerce Integration

  • Analytics and Reporting

  • Multi-Location Support

Cloud Based Retail Point

Build a customer-centric marketing strategy


Affordable to any of the retail owners can think of in Qatar


Consistent regardless of the size of the project from single shop to FIFA


Hands on training during implementation. Easy to manoeuvre


Every single data captured in cloud and visible to complete data visibility to owners

Inventory Management

Retail POS with inventory control

Inventory is the backbone any business, keeping your stock optimized is the key to success. Now, with Qsale no need to rely on paperwork, tallying, verbal or shop assistance. Continuous track on all inventories helps your business to moves smoothly. Planning Inventory levels require planning a lot more! Systematic and accurate recording of inventory movement at different stages result in a better inventory tracking and management.

Full access to all features
  • Eliminate Inventory breakdown - Better material requirement planning.

  • Automated reordering based on specific stock levels.

  • Better Just in time planning - Economic order quantity

  • Painless - Product matrix report - Day sales of inventory.

  • Better Customer Experience

Integrated Accounting

Every transaction should be accounted. Qsale has powered by empowerERP. So, Eliminate the need to have a separate accounting software and double work to be done for posting entry in accounts. Real time accounts posting for Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Returns, Payments & Allocations, Expense, Cashbook & Pettycash Management and etc. from POS to get immediate reflection in day book, ledgers, registers, statement of account, profit & loss and trial balance reports.

  • Analytics BI / Owner app.

  • Get accurate status on cash and bank balance using Bank Reconciliation.

  • Efficiency of marketing through availability of useful data.

  • Multiple voucher entry transactions for journals, contra, receipts, payments etc.

  • Its suitable for both accounting and non-accounting users.

Accounting Dashboard
Qsale Ecommerce

Qsale E-commerce

  • Ecommerce in these days in COVID-19 is to be essential for any shop. Think of the value of the shop and customer count visiting in person in upcoming days.

  • Virtual or digital platform enhances the simplicity of ordering and delivering with less human integrations. While giving room for an increased volume of business through Qsale marketplace. Visit or download android and iOS play-store.