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The Successful Implementation of QSALE POS at BANGALORE TAJ RESTAURANT

A Point-of-Sale (POS) system is a valuable tool for retail and restaurant businesses, streamlining operations such as billing, sales promotions, product returns, and more. QSALE POS offers a full- featured solution that allows businesses to manage their operations efficiently and effectively, from inventory monitoring to sales tracking, financial transactions, customer relationship management, real-time reporting, and employee management.

QSALE POS Software for the Client:

BANGALORE TAJ RESTAURANT has implemented our QSALE Windows POS application, along with the QSALE QR Menu functionality and QSALE Vansale. Purchase and inventory management are handled through the QSALE Inventory application, and reports are generated using our QSALE web portal. At the end of each session, the owner is notified via email, and the QSALE Owners application provides a high-level overview of the numbers.

Client Nature of Business and Highlights:

BANGALORE TAJ is a renowned restaurant located on Old Airport Road in Qatar, known for its excellent dining experience and customer service.

Features of QSALE POS provided to the Client
Hardware Used:
Sunmi V2 Pro/Mobile – Used by waiters to receive orders from customers Windows POS – Used by cashiers to collect payments and manage delivery and take-away orders The following features are available on both hardware:

  • Cashiers can search for items and process sales
  • Cashiers can apply discounts in percentage (%) or by amount (QAR)
  • Cashiers can hold multiple orders
  • Sales dashboard for easy monitoring
  • Management of orders from delivery partners such as TALABAT, RAFEEQ, SNOONU, CARRIAGE
  • Customers can settle payments in cash, card, cash & card, or credit
  • Instant option to change the mode of payment
  • Cashiers can add new menu items with different categories
  • Duplicate invoice copy for record-keeping
  • Session sales summary for easy reconciliation
  • Inventory management for efficient stock control. With the successful implementation of QSALE POS at BANGALORE TAJ RESTAURANT, the business can now enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive and user-friendly POS system, streamlining their operations and enhancing their overall business efficiency.

Here are some of the benefits of using QSALE POS:

Comprehensive Features: QSALE POS offers a wide range of features, from monitoring inventory and tracking sales to processing financial transactions and maintaining customer relationships. Additionally, QSALE POS provides real-time reports that can help you make informed decisions about your business and improve employee management.

Integrated Applications: QSALE POS integrates seamlessly with other QSALE applications, such as Qsale QR Menu functionality and Qsale vansale, making it a convenient and efficient choice for businesses. The QSALE Inventory application manages purchase and inventory, while reports can be easily accessed and managed from the QSALE web portal. Owners can also use the QSALE Owners application to check high-level numbers for their business.

Email Notifications: At the end of each session, QSALE POS automatically sends an email to the owner, keeping them updated on the day’s transactions and other important information. This feature allows owners to stay informed even when they are not physically present at the business location.

User-friendly Interface: QSALE POS is designed with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for businesses to set up and use. The intuitive layout and navigation make it simple to train employees and streamline the checkout process, reducing the chances of errors and speeding up transactions.

In conclusion, QSALE POS offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for businesses in the retail and restaurant industries. With its integrated applications, real-time reports, and email notifications, QSALE POS can help businesses efficiently manage their operations and improve their overall performance.

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