Redefining Inventory tracking in Retail Stores

Most often than not, when the word “inventory” is used the image of a long cartline full of boxes comes to our mind. Not to mention a swarm of people bustling around the boxes to take count of the numbers, product contained and other specifications. It is safe to say that “Inventory Management” is the backbone of any retail store. A seamless flow in the product supply chain ensures a smooth business operations However, one of the common problems faced by retail shop owners is stockouts. This can be a huge problem as it can lead to
•    Income loss
•    Negative impact on customer loyalty
•    Loss of sales

What is Inventory management software and why do you need one?

The Inventory management software is one that keeps track of your inventory and alerts you in advance when it is time to restock. The entire process requires minimum to no manual intervention. Qsale ERP comes equipped with realtime inventory tracking and management that can aid in reducing the occurrence of stockouts while adhering to the laws of Qatar government .

What makes Qsale Inventory software ideal for your business?

Qsale Inventory management software can aid your business in more than one way because of the following features .

Reminders to Restock

Owner has the option to set the minimum value of stock that can trigger a restocking reminder. Once the inventory number falls below the threshold, the app pushes a restock notification to the owners device

Generate unique Barcode

Qsale Inventory ERP comes equipped with features that can scan the suppiler’s barcode and also generate a unique barcode for the retail store

Snapshot of Product Details

Retail owners can access a quick view of any product in their inventory along with important specifications with with the touch of a button

Integrate Buying and Purchase orders to the same platform

You can view purchase orders, vendor buys and creates receipts for the same in one click
Inventory management and tracking are turning more digital at a rapid pace in the current world. Choosing the right ERP solution for your inventory needs can help you in focusing your attention on other key areas of your business