Dont Let Social Distancing affect your business

It has become evident to us by now that the pandemic and its aftereffects will linger in the society for a while. Social distancing has become the new normal and people are looking for options to stay off the streets as much as possible.

As a retailer, this could throw a wrench in your current business operations. Your main concern now is probably on bringing more customers to your shop. While the current social situation may not be ideal to get your customers to physically visit your store, you can turn this issue into an opportunity and reach a wider range of customers. How? Try the following ways

Cap the number of people entering your store

Automate your way

The first step towards a profitable business is to integrate and reduce as much manual labour as possible. Store operations like inventory management, book keeping, supply chain tracking can now be fully automated. There are a number of POS softwares available that can automate your business operations for you without requiring additional labour or your physical presence

Turn your Shop Digital

This is a splendid option for any retail shop looking to expand your customer base. By moving your shop to an online platform, you not only reduce your business dependance on a customers visit but also open venues to acquire more customers. Ecommerce platforms like Qsale provide easy migration of your shop online

Enable Delivery Options

Why wait for the customer to come to you when you can go to them? Contactless delivery is a great option these days to get your products delivered to the customers without them having to visit your store. Few POS softwares provide online platform that not only helps customers to virtually browse through your products place orders online and make payments

Switch to Contactless Payment

You can take this pandemic as a sign that it’s high time to switch to a more effective and easier form of cash payment. As of today more than 77% of the population prefer to pay by card or online. Cashier systems like those of Qsale come equipped with options for contactless payment while and are compatible with any existing hardware that you have

In a nutshell, the current scenario demands a change of the ways we perceive retail business management. Latest POS systems that come with multiple feature option with ability to integrate with multiple selling platforms are the best bet to keep your business stable and flourishing