Choosing the right billing software for your business

We have officially stepped into the golden age of technology. As a retail shop owner, I can see firsthand how much technology has affected the way I run my own business. Gone are the days when manual labour was essential to maintain a smooth operation stream. With the advent of POS softwares and cashier systems, the retail shopping experience has turned simple and seamless.

If you think about it, the entire point of using a good POS is to make life easy for your customers and yourself. While this might sound great on paper, the real deal lies in choosing the right POS software for your business. Based off my personal experience with different POS systems, I have listed below a checklist that would help you select the best retail software

Understand your business Needs

This point is key in determining the type of POS that your business requires. Some might need a helping hand with cashier systems while some find inventory management tedious and would like to look into that. Other factors that determine the type of POS system needed are- location of your shop, size of your shop, products sold, average age of the customer, preferred payment options and average sales per day

Get the Basics covered

This point is actually a no brainer but we shop owners tend to often overlook this and later end up in a fix. The basic hardware requirement to install a POS software is a PC computer. Your hardware needs can go up or down based off your business expectations in the future. If you are just starting out, a mere cloud based POS system should suffice. They can help reduce the hardware cost and require a monthly bill payment.

Play by Budget

As difficult as it might seem to digest, going above and beyond your budget to secure a high end POS system is not profitable for your business unless you plan on immediate expansion. Make sure you use no more than 5% of your business profits on your POS software. If you are looking for a budget friendly software of good value stick to the ones that have great customer service, minimum downtime and good backup

Go for a Demo

Check with your POS vendor for a demo before you finalise on the product. Companies like Qsale provide a free demo of their POS systems before going for a fulltime installation. This will help you get a real time feel of the product thus enabling faster decision making

Check for additional Features

Always check with your POS vendor for any additional features that can come with the software. Ensure that your POS has as many features POSsible to turn your business efficient and profitable. Make prior calculations on how much cost can be reduced by installing the POSQsale cashier system has multiple payment features, affordable and compatible with any hardware that you have


In conclusion, you can narrow down your POS search to three main factors- vendor reputation, cost-effectiveness, and POST sales performance. Check with other retail owners or look online for a good starting point. After all, the POS you choose sets the flow to the future of your