7 Most Important SocialMedia Statistics in 2022

#1 Social Media Usage

Social media usage has turned out to be very important because it allows you to Reach, Nurture and Engage with your Target Audience. To showcase the scale in which active users are involved in social media engagement across these platforms, important statistics of social media usage is reviewed below:

  • As of 2020, there were 3.6 billion social media users around the world
  • By 2025, the number of active users is projected to increase to 4.4 billion
  • People spend an average of 144 minutes per day across their social media accounts
  • The majority of social media use is via a mobile device

The internet infrastructure is getting strengthened and digital access continues to rise.

#2: Facebook (Meta)

Facebook (now a function of Meta), is still one of the most widely used social media platforms, particularly among adults. Furthermore, Facebook is also the most popular social platform for marketing.

  • Nearly 93 percent of marketers create Facebook ads for their promotional needs.
  • Facebook ads can effectively be created through the use of Facebook video ad metrics such as Facebook video impressions.
  • The approximate number of daily Facebook users is 1.93 billion people.
  • These daily Facebook users trend older than users of other social media platforms.

#3: Instagram

In contrast to Facebook’s older user profile, Instagram attracts younger users. The majority of Instagramusers are below the age of 35. The ability to share more interactive digital content is believed to be the main attraction for young people. To put this information into perspective, some Instagram statistics you should know are,

  • Instagram crossed the 1 billion user threshold in 2020
  • By 2023, that number is expected to increase to nearly 1.2 billion
  • Instagram was one of the biggest purchasing decision influences in women under 25
  • Young women and men tend to use Instagram equally

While Facebook is an effective avenue for targeting older customers, according to Instagram statistics, it is a far better choice for younger consumers.

#4: Twitter

Twitter use is more wide-ranging than that of Instagram. Some important Twitter statistics to be aware of are:

  • In the US, 42% of daily Twitter users are between 18 to 29 years old.
  • 27% of users between 30 to 49 years old.
  • Only 25% of Twitter users are over the age of 50.

Most people use Twitter for News consumption or for Interactive live-tweeting during popular events. That’s not to say that Twitter isn’t a valuable marketing tool, as you can still leverage paid, promotional tweets that can reach a targeted audience.

#5: YouTube

YouTube trails only Facebook as the most used social media platform in the world. It’s the world’s biggest online video platform with a little bit of something for everyone. Need to complete a home repair project? Check YouTube. Want to hear a specific song you haven’t heard in a long time? Queue it up on YouTube.

The wide range of content on YouTube attracts users from everywhere. The participation and engagement on YouTube statistics includes,

  • As of 2021, there were about 2.24 billion YouTube users.
  • In 2021, YouTube generated $28.84 billion U.S. dollars in global advertising revenue
  • More than half (53.9%) of YouTube users are men

The price to advertise on YouTube is typically higher than on other platforms. However, the wide variety of content may help you reach a bigger audience.

#6: WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most popular mobile messaging app in the world. Over the last five years, the app has been increasing in popularity around the globe. There are nearly 75 million users, including:

  • 19% ages 15 to 25
  • 27% ages 26 to 35
  • 20% ages 36 to 45
  • 17% ages 46 to 55
  • 13% age 56 and older

While not necessarily a Bonafede social media platform, In 2018, the company launched WhatsApp for Businesses. This app is designed to be used by a small business and allows them to connect with their customers.

#7: Advertising on social media

Now that you’re familiar with some of the demographics related to popular social media outlets, let’s dig into how companies, with the help of an internet marketing service, use these platforms for advertising.

For starters, what are the benefits of advertising on social media? A few include:

  • Businesses have direct access to consumers
  • It’s often a cost-effective channel
  • There are bigger opportunities for customer interaction
  • It allows businesses to build brand loyalty

So how do companies’ market on social media? The numbers below indicate the following trends relevant for both social media management and social media marketing,

  • Instagram and Facebook ads are the most popular choices for marketing
  • 92% of companies use some form of social media marketing
  • Over 90% of marketing experts expect to increase the use of Instagram for advertising
  • Businesses spent over 56.7 billion dollars on social media ads in 2021
  • The amount of money spent on social media ads is expected to exceed 80 billion by 2025

Marketers recognize the importance of reaching customers on social media and are willing to allocate resources to do so.

These are the few Important Social Media Statistics that businesses need to know. Keep Blogging for more updates!

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