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Affordable to any of the retail owners can think of



Any corporate software can provide



Self Severed. It's so easy to use and navigate on your own



Every single data captured in cloud and visible to owners


Industry-Leading Solution for Trading Business

Qsale POS developed for food trucks and vans. No internet? No problem. Your business can keep selling no matter what with our offline mode. No Wifi? Transactions will keep you going no matter where you are parked.



Get access to the stock and commit to your customers based on the availability of stocks. Simply prepare quotation along with the invoice, delivery note on the go with your mobile and finally simplify your payment collection

Simplify accounting process.

Order and reorder inventory

Track on transactions

Provides faster service

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Mobile Sales

Our Mobile sales do not take up a valuable place. With the latest technology for mobile businesses, it is packed with a powerful feature into a compact shape. With our mobile POS, you can send quotation, invoice, delivery note to the customers instantly. No fuss, no fumble. Only ultra-fast, ultra-simple transactions.

Line-Busting Mobile Checkout – Drills to the line where you stand across and takes a further step closer to customers which increases your sales.

View real-time & updated reports – Know your number that is driven your business and generate reports for business status and planning.

Inventory management as handy – Access your reports and variables from anywhere and retrieve valid information that serves your business needs.

Create Limitless Business Environment – Compatible and works on any device, so you can sell more products and offer the ultimate customer experience.

Security data access – Easy customization on roles and permissions to match with your store processes and keep sensitive data hidden and secure.



Manage your overall transactions with our dashboard, where you can manage multiple locations/ cost centres, outlets, centrally. Get access to your financial reports & ledgers, in the end, reduces the data entry and ease your process

Chart of Accounts

Trial Balance

Track on transactions

Provides faster service

“It’s not the Organizations that are competing, it’s the Supply Chains that are competing” We at QSale have various ways to simplify your complete van sales inventory, using just one device, and the best part is that your data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed wherever you want...