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and print your
QR codes
Each QR code is uniquely mapped to one of your tables, walk-up windows, parking spots, or other ordering locations. Contact Sales Whatsapp us your menu
Slide Beautiful QR code Digital Menu No app to download. Food is Delivered Scan QR Code Add Items Place Order Show QR to Waiter Waiter generates KOT >> >> >> >> >> Scan & Experience Unlimited menu items, unlimited scans!

How QR code ordering works

Create your Restaurant QR Code

Swiftly add, edit or update your menu from our system.
A QR code will be generated for the digital menu.

Diners scan QR codes to open your ordering page.

Guests can order, customize, add notes, or keep ordering on the same tab.

Diners browse’s the menu without downloading any app

Diners select the items and place the order.
QR code is generated for the order items.

Waiter scans the QR code shown in Diner’s mobile

Diner shows the generated code to the waiter.

Orders go to your POS and kitchen printers

Your staff can prep and run orders. Serve ordered items to the guests.

Streamline operations and put
safety first with minimal interaction.

Reduce wait time

Save a lot of time and money by allowing customers to order on their own. No longer wait for the waiter.

Reduce human error

Diners can personalize it to their liking without the fear of having the waiter get the order wrong.

Reducing paper waste

Simply replacing traditional printed menus with digital ones. Cuts down on your costs.

Serve more customers

Your employees don’t have to take orders. They can use that extra time to bus tables.

How it works?

To activate dine-in ordering for your restaurant, go to Services
& opening hours and select Dine-in.

To print your QR code flyer,go to Publishing -> Dine-in QR
Code. We will guide you through the process of creating your
code using our QR code generator.

Get started with QR code
ordering today.

Setting up your Restaurant for QR code ordering is quick and easy.

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