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QSALE 2022: A Successful Wrap-up!

2022 had been an amazing year for many Businesses and It’s a Big and Successful wrap for QSale.! During this wonderful Business year, we achieved Milestone Business Integrations, New Product Launch, and more.. Yes! It’s many more, Thank you 2022.

Why QSale for your Business? 

A Cloud-based POS system is an asset to all businesses. QSale POS is built on a Cloud-based platform offering a modernized POS experience for customers and many useful management tools for business owners as well. QSale has developed the Point-of-Sale system with all the business needs in the mind. 

New Product Launch:

“DIGITAL IS THE NEW FUTURE”. Qsale, this year had launched Digital QR Menu for the Restaurant business. A digital QR Menu is a modern and user-friendly Concept for all Restaurant Businesses. Considering the cost and time consumption of traditional menus, Qsale designed a digital QR menu to enrich the customer experience. This had a very huge Positive response among the Restaurant Owners and it was a great success too.

QSale’s Successful POS Implementations:

Qsale has done more than 500+ Implementations in the Retail and Restaurant Industry and Qsale is grateful for its wonderful clients and always believes in delivering 100% Client Satisfaction.

Following the Product Launch and many successful POS Implementations, QSALE also had many Business Integrations to support international events across Qatar.

What is a Business Integration?

Business integration has become an essential aspect of operating and managing any successful organization. Business Integration Strategies increase Revenue and Productivity which is not only valuable but essential.

Qsale successful Integration with Qatar Star Services:

Qsale has done Multiple Integrations with businesses and one among them was with Qatar Star Services for Inter National Football Event. For three decades now, QATAR STAR SERVICES has been providing catering and support services to many public and private companies and organizations in the Middle East.

Qsale is Thankful to Qatar Star Services for the Business Integration and for Choosing QSALE POS. Qsale has given complete onsite and offshore POS support at the grand event. Our professional trainers and support engineers have played a great role to achieve this. Our complete POS System is built to make customers happier and generate more revenue, which is ideal for busy entertainment/ sports/ events venues. 

Around 1000+   f& b outlets were implemented with POS Software (with concession) in International Football events.

QSALE QNB integration with a Black arrow:

Qsale has also Provided QNB Bank integrated solutions.

QSALE Successful Joint Venture with QTickets:

Qsale joined hands with QTickets and successfully delivered a billing solution at the “Qetaifan Beach Fest” event.

“Qetaifan Beach Fest” is a festival that brought together people from different cultures and all walks of life through the “international languages” of music and football. In addition to a premium fan camp alongside the beachfront site, the event offered a variety of attractions and entertainment.

Qsale implemented POS Software for more than 120 Kiosks at this grand event and also provided complete technical assistance to all the kiosks whenever needed. Our integrated NFC / mobile payment readers have enabled fast and error-free billing to the Kiosk visitors.

JW Marriot:  Another successful implementation of our POS software continues with JW Marriot. We provided complete technical POS assistance for our software at the event.

Integration with Multiple Fan Zones :

Qsale along with QTickets also implemented POS Software for Hayya Fan Zone and Arabian Village Fan Zone.

Hayya Fan Zone located at the Lusail South Promenade is the place to watch, celebrate, eat and discover the game at its best!

Arabian Village Fan zone, a Village Space of around 10,000 SQM has a giant screen to broadcast the games. There are different types of Entertainment, Musical and cultural happening every day where we have to serve our happy customers.

Large-scale events create very specific issues and needs. Qsale has the capacity to serve all the Kiosk needs. Qsale provides Fast Billing and Flawless Checkouts for customers and also is proud and happy to share this successful participation at the Fan Zones with 100% customer satisfaction.

The best advantages of using Qsale POS for your Kiosks:

  1. Faster POS setup for new Store (Pop up, Van Sale, Food Truck).
  2. Easy adaption to your Business Change.
  3. Efficient Inventory Management.
  4. Real-time Sales Data.
  5. Easy Billing.
  6. Accepting payments Anywhere.
  7. Print receipts in English / Arabic.
  8. Improves overall Sales.

Whether your business wants a POS for your physical retail store or for a pop-up shop ready to open or a multi-chain business, QSALE POS comes with all features in Software and Hardware that put you in a position to succeed.

2022 is a great year, Qsale thanks all the colleagues, customers, and Business Partners for delivering Breakthrough Growth. Qsale wishes everyone a happy new year 2023 and is ready to Unlock Bigger Opportunities in the upcoming year.

“MAKE YOUR SELLING A BREEZE” with QSALE POS! Talk to our POS Experts today and we will take care of the rest. Contact +974 3098 0001.