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QSALE – Successful Implementation of POS

How to Plan Successful Implementation of POS (Point Of Sale) in Your Business?

Selecting the best Point-of-Sale for your business is quite challenging. In general, POS is a combination of hardware and software that makes transactions efficient for business owners. We’ve put together a Successful Implementation of POS for your business. 

1. Determine Software:

In the market, currently, there are multiple solutions available for POS like Windows, Android, iOS. Consider if your business is a retail shop like a grocery and it is having more than 10k products in your outlet. Then we can say, the proper solution for your business is Windows.

So choosing the right point of sale solution depends on the nature of your business.

2. Determine Hardware:

You may have a look at Different hardware for various business types. 

Popup Retail Shop – Android Tablet, Android devices like Sunmi V2 Pro, Sunmi D2 Mini,

Pop Caf̩ РAndroid Tablet, Android devices like Sunmi V2 Pro, Sunmi D2 Mini,

Retail Shop – Windows POS.

Restaurant Shop :

For Cashier: Windows POS/Android POS,

For Waiter (Order taking): Android Tablet, Android Mobiles, 

For Kitchen Order Ticket: Android Tablet.

3. Proper Connectivity:

If you are choosing an online solution for your business, then we always suggest you choose  Wi-Fi/LAN. If you are looking for better connectivity, then you may choose LAN. In the market, some offline standalone solutions are also available.

4. Product Master:

Defining the product master for your outlet is important.

The master should have the  below details :

*Product Id/Barcode/Item Code

*Additional Barcode

*Product/Item Name

*Product/Item Description

*Additional Language Name for your current country. For Example, Arabic for Qatar

*Product Unit of Measure

*Product/Item Category & Sub-Category

*Current/Previous Purchase Prices

*Current Cost price with the Quantity

*Sales price

5. Supplier Management:

Establishing a proper relationship, managing the requirements, and communicating clearly with suppliers is essential to the organization. This may require the following basic information.

*Maintain Supplier Master (Supplier Name, Contact, Location).

*Maintain all the supplier payables.

6. Know your Customer:

Behind every transaction is a person and getting to know them is an important factor. 

*Maintain Customer database (Customer Name, Contact, Location).

*Maintain Customer receivables.

7. Training:

Efficient training is always required for any new product or system. A few basic training module includes, 

*Train your shopkeeper/cashier about your outlet and the products

*Train your cashier about the Point of Sale Solution

8. Choose Proper Solution:

Choose a proper Point of Sale solution which gives you below.

*Proper sales/purchase reporting

*Product Management

*Customer Management

*Supplier Management

*Employee/User Management

*Notification Management


Out of all, a new POS system is needed to elevate your operation and the customer experience you provide. Be it a Restaurant business or a Retail Store we have subject matter experts across all facets of POS, from selection to execution, and we can fulfill your business requirements. You may call / WhatsApp us at +974 3098 0001

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