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QSALE POS for your Pop up Shop Events

In recent times, pop-up shops and events have increased in popularity. They are an excellent opportunity for any Restaurant Business like Café, Bakeries, Food Trucks, and also for Retailers.

What is a Pop-up Shop?

A pop-up Shop is a Temporary space that any brand can use to create an engaging Shopping Experience. Be it in Events or Malls, a Pop-up Shop can be built easily for a particular time being.

Be it a Pop up Shop, Food truck, Van Sale, or Event Selling a POS System is needed to accept payments and sell in person. It is really tough to find the right POS System for your business.    

Qsale POS is here to reduce all your Confusion. We are your Stop Solution for all your business needs. We support your Retail or Restaurant business, Pop up Events, and any kind of Business needs. We have all types of POS that would suit your Requirements.

What is QSALE?

Qsale ecosystem is a cloud-based Intelligence system that has Retailers, Restaurants, Traders, Manufactures, and Consumers in the same cloud platform. Being part of this platform there are innumerable benefits that can be attained. Our platform has 300+ Retail shops, 900+ Traders, 90,000+ FMCG Products, and 3 Manufactures and growing constantly

Advantages of Using QSALE POS at Pop up Stores

  1. Setting POS for new Store ( Pop up, Van Sale, Food Truck) faster.
  2. Adapting easily to your Business Change.
  3. Managing your Inventory
  4. Real-time Sales Data
  5. Easy Billing
  6. Accepting payments Anywhere
  7. Print receipts in English / Arabic
  8. Improving the Sales

Whether your business wants a POS for your physical retail store or for a pop-up shop ready to open or a multi-chain business, QSALE POS comes with all features in Software and Hardware that put you in a position to succeed. Each Business may require a different design and Qsale Point of Sale was designed with all these purposes in Mind. Qsale also offers you Customization based on your Business type.

Today’s Modern POS System has evolved more than purchasing at a Cash Register. The technology continues to grow with devices in our hands, as now we have the ease to use business at our fingertips from anywhere and anytime. Qsale adapts well to today’s technology and offers businesses a Cloud Based POS. Switching to this Cloud-based POS has been made easier for you. We have a dedicated Support team to hear your business requirements and make the switching to Qsale much easier. So, What are you waiting for? Benefit your Business by using Qsale POS. Talk to our POS Experts and we will take care of the rest. Contact +974 3098 0001.

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