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Successful Implementation QSALE POS with DANA CENTRE

In general, a Point-of-Sale is used by retail businesses, Restaurant businesses to simplify billing, sales promotions, product returns, and much more.

Benefits of using QSALE POS:

From monitoring inventory to tracking sales, processing financial transactions maintaining customer relationships, providing real-time reports to improving employee management, a full-featured POS is provided by Qsale. With Qsale POS you can handle all operations needed to run and grow your businesses.

Here is a Blog on the Successful Implementation of QSALE POS with our client DANA CENTRE:

Nature of Business and Highlights of DANA CENTRE:

  • DANA CENTRE is a unique clothing store in Doha.  They have a wide variety of fabric materials for wedding, casual, party, and everyday wear. The specialty of this clothing center is that they provide unique design patterns and there are no repeated designs.
  • The clothing store is elite but not too costly. We cannot return with an empty hand after seeing their collections. The clothing store is a must-visit and it is located in the center of Doha (Near, Al Ahmed St).

About QSale POS software which we used for the client:

DANA CENTRE is currently using Qsale’s Cashier POS along with the integration of the QSale Fabric application.  Management of Purchases, Inventory, and Reports are done through the QSale web portal.

Features implemented through QSALE POS:

Qsale POS has delivered a unique software functionality for DANA CENTRE.

*Each Salesperson can attend to one or more customers at a time.

*Each Salesperson is installed with QSale Fabric application to take the orders.

*Customers can select the fabric material and they can tell the quantity in meters to purchase.

*Also, customers can select multiple fabric materials and quantities.

*All the orders can be taken by the salesperson through QSale Fabric application.

*Once the order is taken, the salesperson sends the orders to the cashier.

*Cashier selects the particular order from the salesperson and generates an invoice to the customer.

*Cashier can give the discount in percentage (%) or by the amount (QAR)

*Now Customers can settle the amount in Cash, Card, Cash & Card


Qsale POS implements a POS solution that serves the business efficiently with high performance for a better customer experience and delivery. The most important function of QSale POS includes managing data transactions efficiently and simplifying business operations.