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In today’s Digital world, everyone’s life has become progressively dependent on technology. Technology has vastly changed many restaurant companies in recent years. In this rapidly evolving technology, Restaurant businesses should accommodate modern constraints and the demands of customers. The most obvious change at present is from moving physical menus to Contactless Menus.

What is a Digital QR Code Menu?

A QR code menu is a Digital version of a Physical menu card at a Restaurant. Diners can scan the QR code with their smartphones, which takes them to a online digital menu where they can browse food and drink options.  In restaurants and Café, these Digital menus are normally small postcards with a QR Code which replaces the Physical menus. This also gives a safer experience for everyone involved.

Represent your Restaurant:

QR Code menus are like extension of your Brand. By Scanning the QR menu, it gives your customers the confidence that they are Risk-free.

In order to leave a significant brand impact, we do all required customizations.

Adding your brand Logo

Pictures of your Food that gives your brand a great vibe and attraction to your customers.

Major Benefits of using Digital QR Menu:

  • No need of Printing Menus.
  • Printing Cost per year savings on the business.
  • Entice diners with attractive Food Images to upsell your food.
  • Avoids Language Barrier between the diners and Waiters.
  • Reduction on Labour and Manual Errors in order taking.
  • Easy and Simple interface like popular delivery apps making it easy for the diners to use.
  • Reduce perceived wait times in queues
  • Update on-screen content in just a few clicks
  • Improved Customer experience.
  • Promote Hygiene through contactless solutions.
  • Updation and any changes of menu in minutes.
  • Easy Ordering
  • Detailed Menu


Everything has some pros and cons and the same thing goes with QR code systems. As the world is indulging in more digital practices, it is important to be on the same platform to grow bigger and to flourish the business on every platform. Furthermore, QR codes enhance cleanliness and sanitation by eliminating physical contact between guests and your employees when moving the menu from one pair of hands to another. This digital change in the hotels and restaurants is something that is adding more value to their business because of people’s preference.


  • You can place the QR digital menu at the entrance of your restaurant.
  • You can place the QR code digital menu on the dining tables of your restaurant.
  • You can set your QR code digital menu at the order counter of your restaurant.
  • You can place the QR code digital menu on every window display of your restaurant. 


The advantages of a Digital QR Menu over Conventional Menu are numerous and it will help you Boost your Return on Investment in your restaurant businesses.

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